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Merry Christmas from B.R & K.S Burn
B.R & K.S Burn wish our customers a safe and happy holiday season. To get your car in prime condition and avoid being stuck during the holiday season, ensure you book in your car service well in advance!  


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A full list of services B.R & K.S Burn can perform on your car. 

B.R & K.S Burn can perform a full range of car service and automotive repair tasks such as Air Conditioning, Auto Electrical, Brake & Clutch, Child Restraint Centre, Diesel Repairs, EFI, LPG Installation, LPG Repairs, RMS Pink Slips, Roadworthy Inspections, Safety Inspections, Truck repairs, Wheel Alignment.

In addition to these services we also provide LPG Regos and Heavy Vehicle Inspections, El Gas Porta-Gas Swap System. We can also undertake a 150 point vehicle inspection of your car and all of our work is covered by the comprehensive Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty at over 350 locations Australia wide.   

Seniors Cards are Welcome. We have a comfortable waiting area for you to wait in while your service is being conducted and Pick Up and Delivery to the local Canowindra area can be arranged. 


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Air Conditioning Service


EPA Approved Procedure Including Evacuation & Re-Gas

Click here to book a Car Air Conditioning Service now




Automatic Transmission Service


Includes Fluid Change & Filter

Click here to book a Car Transmission service now



Brake Drum Service


Includes Machining of Drums & Shoe Replacement

Click here to book a Brake Drum Service now



Brake System Flush


Includes System Check

Click here to book a Brake System Flush now



Cooling System Service


Includes Flush & Cooling System Inhibitor

Click here to book a Car Cooling System Flush now



Diesel Repairs


Includes Diesel Repairs

Click here to book a Diesel Repair Service now



Disk Brake Service


Includes Machining and Disc Pad Replacement

Click here to book a Disk Brake Service now



Engine Diagnostic Check


Uses specialised scan tool where required

Click here to book a Engine Diagnostic Check now




LPG Installation


An LPG Installation

Click here to book an LPG Installation now



Standard Services

Minor Service and Safety Check

Major Service and Safety Check

Log Book Service

Click here to book a Standard Car Service now




Tune Up


Includes injector clean as required and 62 point safety check

Click here to book a Car tune up now



Wheel Alignment


Including Suspension test report

Click here to book a Wheel Alignment now




Trading Hours: Open Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 6:00PM and Saturdays from 8:00AM to 1:00PM 

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